Directories Resource Guides

Directories Resource Guides

Tips on Designing a Binder as a Directory or a Resource Guide

When a company is presenting their products and/or services to their prospective clients, one of the things that are shown is their presentation binder. This is why it is important for companies to design a binder that will best showcase the company and what they offer.

For some people, creating a creative binder design comes easily. However, if you do not have a knack for designing, this may be a bit difficult. If you are part of the latter, here are some tips that can help you design your binder:

Use Images That Convey a Message

Photos can say a lot about a product or service. When it comes to binders, photos can be a great way to relay a message to prospective clients without putting it in text. For instance, the cover of a medical company's binder can have a photo of a healthy person enjoying his life instead of a photo of a prescription bottle. This shows a prospective client what the result of the company's product or service is, which is something clients are most interested in.

Incorporate Your Product in Your Design

A good binder is one that is innovative. For instance, a company can use the materials they work around with as an inspiration for their binder's design. A construction company can use the textures from products they create, such as metal flooring, as the background design of their binder. Choosing a material style related to a company's products does not just make a clever design, but also showcases their product.

Don't Let Limitations Stop You from Being Creative

There are times when you think of a really good idea for a binder design, but it cannot be added to the actual design due to limitations. For example, it would have been a good idea for a binder of a window treatment company to be printed on a textured stock. However, this is not possible, which is why the next best thing to do is to mimic the texture using ink.

Make Use of the Whole Binder

There are so many possibilities when customizing a binder. Companies can add CD pockets in case they have an interactive presentation for clients, clear business card pockets, custom tab dividers and a lot more.

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