Membership Meeting Kits

Membership Meeting Kits

Creating Binders with Business Reports as a Meeting Kit

Presenting a business report requires a lot of preparation - both for your oral report and the report binder you will present. This is why some people slack off when creating their printed matter.

It does not have to be this way. If you want a professional-looking report binder, all you need is a bit of creativity!

For instance, you can add visuals that will get and keep the attention of your audience. Add some color to your report binder or use a pattern together with your logo. You can even add a debossed effect on your logo to emphasize it. The key is to choose a design that is interesting, but not distracting.

Get your audience hooked even more by printing a message on the cover that will make them want to open your binder. You can also create a slogan that summarizes your material and have that slogan printed on some parts of the binder like on the pockets.

You can also make a good impression on your audience by creating a report binder that is presented in a very organized manner. Instead of putting all the information on the table, why not break up your content into smaller sections and use custom dividers as markers? This will make your whole report much easier to browse through.

Last but not the least, if you want to share digital data to your audience, add a CD/DVD pocket to your report binder and insert your presentation CD there. You can also add a business card slot so that your audience has your contact information in case they want to schedule another meeting with you.

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