Product Catalogs

Product Catalogs

Ideas for Sales Presentation & Product Catalog Binders

To be able to make a successful sale, a salesperson does not just need to have good marketing skills, but also the right tools. One marketing material that works great in sales presentations are custom binders as a product catalog.

A successful sales presentation binder is one that has complete and organized content for all products as well as a professional-looking design. Make your binder stand out and get you that sale with the following tips.

Since you are trying to make a sale, it is essential to design your sales presentation binder in a way that it puts your product front and center. Make it the star of your binder by using high resolution photos of your product. If you are trying to sell a service, use photos that will show the viewer that your service is better than the rest.

Aside from highlighting your product in the binder through photographs, creating branding moments is also a good way to make a binder that will get you a sale. Make sure that everything in your binder goes well together - the pictures, the colors and the font you use. It is also important to choose a design that caters to your customers' needs. For example, a company selling insurance may want to use a different design for policies they sell to individuals and another design for policies that they will present to companies.

Finally, adding testimonials from satisfied customers can encourage new ones to purchase your products or hire your services. Testimonials will show prospective clients your positive relationship with current clients and will most likely make them want to try your product or service out.

To complete your sales presentation binder, consider adding a business card slot where you can insert contact information. You can also have clear pockets added so you can add a CD/DVD with a multimedia presentation. Other features you can make use of are tab dividers to break up your presentation in smaller sections and clear sleeves to protect your files.

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